Our Products

Canopy & Panel Board Accessories

Canopy-Locks & Accessories

Slam Lock (SS) with Pad Lock

Slam Lock (M.S)


T Lock (S.S)(50mm & 100mm)

Compression Lock Small

Compression Lock Big

Emergency Cover(M.s & S.s)

Tube Light 12 Volt

Diesel Tank Lock


Slam Lock With Leaver

Limt Switch

Push Rod

Below W/O Flange(1.5",2", 2.5", 3" Size)

Bellow With Single Flenge

Diesel Tank Pipe

Disel Supplier (Fiber)

Canopy Hinges

Hinge L.H. & R.H.(Zinc Die Cast)

Botled Hinge 60mm

Botled Hinge 40mm & 50mm

Hinge 6 Hole Small(S.S & M.S)

Hinge M.S(80x100mm)

Hinge M.S (75x100ms)

Die Casting Hinge 40mm

Die Casting Hinge 50mm

Die Casting Hinge 60mm

Gypsy Hinge(S.S & M.S)

Hinge 6 hole Big(S.S & M.S)

Panel-Locks, Keys & Accessories

Zinc Lock with Doublebit

Pad Lock

Zinc Lock with Sq. Bit

Zinc Lock with Tringle Bit

Zinc Lock with Screw Drive Bit

Knob Lock(Die Casted)

Knob Lock(Polyamide)

Push Lock

D.B. Lock Big

D.B. Lock(Push Type)

P.A. Lock with Zinc Insert

Polymide Lock

Double Bit Key

Key for P.A. Lock 'L' Type

Screw Drive Key

Document Holder(Small)

Document Holder(18mm Deep)

(Pocket Handle) Big

Spacer in diff Size

(Pocket Handle) Small


SS Leveling Bolts

U-Nylon Handle

Open Close Plate

Meter Window(96x96)



Squire Bit Key

Tringle Bit Key

Panel Hings Keys & Accessories

Concealed Hinge 20mm Weld-on

Concealed Hinge 1200 (90mm)

Concealed Hinge (70mm)

Zinc/Die-cast Hinge 1800

Tail Gate Hinge Big

Hinge Diecast 60x80mm

Spring Hinge

Pin Type Hinge Die-Cast

"U" HInge(20mm, 22mm & 25mm)

Hinge Pull Type(With 2 Outer Holes)

Hing Pull Type(Double Hole)

Screw On Hinge SS

Male Female Hinge

Lift off Hinge Zinc

Pin On Hinge Adjustable 1800

Hinge(With 2 Screws)

Rittal Hinge

Polymide Hinge

Brass Hinge(100mm Chrome Plated)

Plastic Hinge

Kirloskar Hinge

SS-304 Hinge(7Holes)

Single Hole Hinge(Nylon)

Die Cast Hinge (25mm)

Hinge Pull Type(Small)

Brass Hinge(65mm)

Concealed Hinge

Concealed Hinge(60mm)

Key Locks

'L' Handle(Zinc Die Cast)

Small Lock With Key

Zinc Lock with Key

GD Lock Long Body

Cam Lock With Key

Cam Lock With Key

Wing Lock with Long Body

'T' Handle(Zinc Die Cast)

'T' Handle(P.A.)

Swing Handles

Flat Rods

Swing Handle(With Sliding Cover)

3 Point Lock with round Lock

Swing Handle With Pad Lock

Wrachet Lock For Cabinets

Lock With Universal Key

Rod Guide Bush

Zinc Socket

Roller Assy

3 Point Cam Small

3 Point Cam Small

3 Point Cam Big

Rods 4' Long

Tower Bolt

Bolts(25mm, 30mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 85mm, 100mm)


AFL-001 Air Vent AFL-002, 130x130mm Surface Mounting AFL-003, 130x130mm Snap Fitting
AFL-004 203x203mm Snap Fitting, AFL-005 203x203mm Snap Fitting(With Fan Mounting)
AFL-006 230x230mm Surface Mounting, AFL-007 184x184mm Surface Mounting, AFL-008 256x256mm Snap Fitting
AFL-009 256x256mm Snap Fitting(With Fan Mounting)